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Bonnie Burd–

Wellness Practitioner


Bonnie is a certified Wellness Practitioner. She specializes in the following areas: Life Coaching, Reiki Master/Teacher, Spiritual Channeling, and Hypnotherapy.

Bonnie enjoys teaching classes about ascension and sharing information to help others manage energy and move forward on their spiritual path.

She and her sister, Penny, have formed a Reiki community in the Battle Creek/Kalamazoo area that was designed to spread love and light. Their goal is to heal one person at a time until eventually having that healing energy spread across the world. The community that they built together has brought support and inspiration to the area while encouraging more people to join and share their journey.

Together they founded the Sisters of Love and Light Reiki for Humanity, which is how they can be reached on sites such as Facebook if there is interest in joining this group. Under that name, the sisters teach and certify for Reiki I, II, and Master/Teacher. They also provide Reiki healing sessions and Angelic healing.

Bonnie, on her own, teaches classes such as: Flow of Energy, Angel Channeling, and hosts a weekly meditation circle to people who want to strengthen their energetic skills, develop their intuition more, and establish a better connection with their spirit guides.

She stays true to her conviction in serving spirit and humanity.

 Please contact me for any personal queries

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