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All of these treatments and therapies can be done in person or on Zoom through distant means, both with exactly the same amazing results.

Reiki Chakra Cleansing, Balancing and Attachment Removal

Healing the mind, body, spirit and soul. This treatment includes Reiki Healing, Toning Therapy, Crystal Healing and Chakra Balancing and clearing all at the same time. You are guaranteed to notice the difference immediately with this treatment.

 $65.00 for half hour

$135.00 for an hour

Distant Reiki 

Reiki can be sent as distant on Zoom it has exactly the same benefits as having a treatment in person. Or you can send your name and address/location and I will send you in that way if you would rather not be on video also I can do all therapy’s in a phone session.

$65.00 for half hour $135.00 for an hour

Akashic Record Read

Learn about other life times and blockages holding you back heal and release the energy though the quantum field of Akashic Records with Hypnotherapy techniques and the help of Archangels and Masters of Light

$65.00 for half hour $135.00 for an hour

Psychic Oracle Card Reading

This is a way to gain guidance from the divine and answers to whatever you are struggling with at the time being.

$65.00 for a half hour

$135.00 for an hour



$65.00 Intake Session (45 minutes)

$135.00 per Session


$525/ 5 Session

package ($105 per session)

Average Session Duration: 60 minutes

Life Coaching

$65.00 intake session 45 minutes

$135.00 1 hour session


$525/ 5 session package ($105 per session)

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